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Reindeer Logistics provides reliable auto transport you can count on. Car shipping is a simple process that enables you to easily transfer your vehicle to a new location without taking the time or expense to drive it.

At Reindeer Logistics, we provide specialty relocation services for cars, mobile homes, golf carts, RVs, trailers, houseboats, motorcycles and more. Our experienced team can arrange custom shipping solutions to meet any of your needs. From open-air hauling to enclosed vehicle containers, we provide a diverse range of options for any timeline and budget. Reindeer accommodates both domestic car shipping and international car shipping.

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Car shipping costs

The first step to determine the cost of shipping your car is getting a free quote from our team. We consider factors including: 

Once we have this information, we can provide a detailed estimate and timeline for the move. Read our Car Shipping FAQs Page for detailed information on this process.

Car Shipping Cost

Open vs. enclosed

auto transport options

We understand every customer has different needs for shipping their vehicle. This is why we offer open and enclosed vehicle transport. There are a variety of considerations with both options. So, we encourage customers to determine what’s best for their specific situation.

Open car shipping cost

Car transport has many different variables that determine the cost to ship your vehicle. Many of our customers find that open vehicle transport is the best option for them simply because it's the most affordable option available. Open car shipping is more fuel efficient than its closed vehicle shipping counterpart, which is a big part of why the cost is less. Additionally, some customers like that the driver of the open carrier can inspect the cars from time to time during the shipping process.

Enclosed car shipping cost

While open car shipping may be the more affordable option, many customers are concerned about their vehicle being exposed to the elements during transport. For those customers, we advise them to get a quote for open and enclosed shipping so they can compare the cost difference. Most customers who choose enclosed car shipping have a high-end, custom, or antique car that must be protected.

Things to know about

car shipping rates

Vehicle type & size

Larger vehicles, RVs, vehicles with roof racks or large tires can be more costly to ship. At Reindeer logistics, we require detailed information about the size and model of the vehicle to ensure that we provide the best rates possible.

Pick up and delivery location

Since we base car shipping rates on distance travelled, we take vehicle pick-up and delivery locations into account. Additional factors like unpaved roads, steep driveways, or unusual site situations can also impact the time and costs of the shipment.

Vehicle condition

If the vehicle is inoperable, our shipping team may need to employ special methods to move it onto the car hauler. A working battery, operational doors and windows, and the ability to drive in forward and reverse can all impact the costs of moving your car.

Delivery timeline & preferences

We understand the need for fast, reliable car shipping. Same-day pick-up is available when working with Reindeer as well as a variety of guaranteed transport times based on mileage, seasonal demands, and client requirements.

Our car shipping services

Reindeer Logistics is proud to have been in the auto relocation and logistics business since 1997. Our commitment to customer service has allowed us to thrive as a business while expanding our services to include highly customized vehicle shipping options, as follows: 

In addition to shipping cars, we provide relocation for boats, motorcycles, RVs, trailers, and more

Car Transport Services
car shipping across country

Details about our car shipping services

Nationwide and international vehicle transport

At Reindeer Logistics, we ship cars nationwide and internationally. Whether you're shipping a vehicle from Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, across the country or across the world, we have a variety of solutions to meet your needs. Our white-glove service ensures you know where your car is every step of the transport process, including arrival time. Depending on your specific needs, your car transport options vary. Reach out to us directly for International car transport or use our quote tool for domestic shipping.

Logistics and freight shipping

We not only ship cars and trucks. We can ship a variety of items, such as an RV, motorcycle, boat and more! If you have a unique shipping need and you aren't sure who to call, look no further. We will be happy to discuss your specific type of vessel and give you options for getting it to its destination.

Same-day vehicle pick-up and delivery

Moving can be an unpredictable experience and we've just about heard it all. If you need last-minute vehicle shipping, no problem! Our customer service team is here to help you with same-day pick-up when available. Additionally, if you need a quick turnaround, we have you covered! Our employees are well-versed in our guaranteed transport times and work hand-in-hand with you and our carriers to ensure timely and efficient relocations.

Door-to-door shipping

No need to come to us, we'll come to you! With our convenient door-to-door shipping service to almost all destinations. We ask that you contact us directly to get a quote to ensure this service is an option for your specific vehicle shipping needs.

The advantages of car shipping

Every day, we work with hundreds of clients across the country to facilitate fast and efficient car transportation at a reasonable rate. There are many reasons car shipping is in high demand — relocating for work, a military assignment, or personal reasons — which all require a reliable car to be available upon arrival to your new home. Other advantages of car shipping include:

Open Vehicle Transporter

Things to know about

shipping your car

Preparing your vehicle for transport

There are several things you’ll be required to do to make sure your vehicle is prepped and ready for transport. That's why Reindeer has created helpful checklists of all the things you’ll need to do to get your auto, motorcycle and/or watercraft ready for its trip. And, as always, call us with any questions.

Car shipping insurance & reliability

At Reindeer Logistics, we’ve spent more than two decades building relationships with licensed, bonded and insured car carriers across the nation. Our dedicated network of car shipping carriers are experienced with moving vehicles of any size or model at a reasonable rate. All car shipping contractors are required to provide proof of required levels of insurance coverage (a minimum of $1,000,000 liability and $100,000 cargo).

Operational vs. non-operational car

Car shipping rates may depend on whether or not your car is operable. If you opt for open car hauling, the car may need to be turned on, driven in reverse, driven up a ramp, and have working windows and doors. This requires a functioning battery, and the correct amount of fuel in the vehicle. If the vehicle is non-operational, alternative car shipping arrangements can be made.

Seasonal car relocation quote

Some of our clients require seasonal car shipping for the winter or summer months when living in an alternate location. If you plan on spending your winter months in Florida, Arizona, or California (just to name a few), we can handle getting your car there at a reasonable rate! We offer a range of transit times and delivery options to make seasonal car shipping easy and affordable. Get in touch for a free quote.

Do we ship your type of car?

Yes! We ship all different types of vehicles to almost every country in the world. If you have a unique moving situation such as the need for a quick turnaround, an exotic car, or a less than common destination, we have you covered. Just contact our team and we will get you a quick and reliable quote for your specific move.

Your guide to car relocation.

Our team of trained and experienced car shipping experts will guide you through the process from beginning to end. We understand many of our customers have never shipped their car before. That's why we understand how important it is to be prepared for what's to come. Our team will ensure you know what to expect and who to contact should you have any questions during your move.

Car shipping FAQs

auto transport and car shipping FAQs

After 20+ years of experience in the car shipping industry, there’s no question we can’t answer. From providing a detailed estimate to coordinating an international car shipment, our team is on hand to help. Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions:

We can ship anything! Our specialty is transporting personal vehicles domestically and internationally. However, we also ship boats, motorcycles, RVs, etc..

It is best that you schedule your move as far out as possible so that we can better tailor the move to suit your needs. However, if an immediate pick up is necessary, we can arrange for that as well. Just call us!

You can use the quote tool to create your own, give us a call at 800.548.8330, or email us at rates@reindeerauto.com to get a car shipping quote today! Please have available the year, make and model of your vehicle as well as the zip codes or city and state of your pick up and drop off locations so we can better quote the services needed. It’s also helpful for us to know if your vehicle has any after-factory modifications such as a roof rack or oversized tires/lift kits. And we will need to confirm that your vehicle is in full working condition (does it roll, brake and steer).

Each quote is tailored to your transportation needs.

Corporate relocations are invoiced to the appropriate company. For individual relocations, credit card payment is required at least 24 hours prior to pickup. Reindeer will email you a secure link for your online payment.

Some vehicles are much larger than traditional passenger vehicles—most full size SUVs fit into this category.  Due to the extraordinary dimensions, these vehicles take up the amount of space normally used for two vehicles; thus resulting in the need for an “oversize” fee.

With door-to-door transport, you don’t have to go to a terminal to ship or pick up your vehicle. We pick vehicles up at, and deliver to, residences, offices or any other designated place for your convenience (pickup and delivery is subject to accessibility and local laws).

Transportation times vary depending on your origin and destination locations. You will be given a transit window for the shipment upon booking, and you will receive updates multiples times throughout transit to narrow down the delivery time. It is important to remember the drivers are limited by law to a specific number of miles and hours they are allowed to operate their trucks per day. Other variables that may affect transport times include their other pickups and deliveries along the way, severe weather as well as road conditions. We will communicate with you regularly during your move so you are always up to date and aware of any changes in the schedule.

Vehicles are delivered 7 days a week, depending on the carrier or driver schedule (other stops for pick-ups and deliveries). Please keep in mind that since a thorough inspection cannot be completed in the dark, evening deliveries are not permitted.

The driver will contact you via phone call or text, upon arriving in your destination area (at least 1 hour prior to delivery) to ensure you are available to take possession of your vehicle.

We will be happy to discuss your delivery needs to accommodate your schedule as much as possible. Please contact our relocation coordinator directly if you have any conflicts with the estimated delivery window. 

Your assigned relocation coordinator will be communicating the progress of the transit with you throughout the move. Have a question about the status or your ETA? Call or email your relocation coordinator directly, or call our main line at 317-548-6860.

Yes. We do require you, or a point of contact you designate on your behalf, to be present at both pickup and delivery. An exterior vehicle inspection is performed at both pickup and delivery. You, or your point of contact, must be present for that inspection and sign off on the bill of lading at each location. If you are not able to be present for pickup and/or delivery, it is imperative your point of contact is aware of the expectations for the inspection requirements with the driver.

If any damage is observed following transit,  please be sure to note it on the bill of lading at the time of delivery with the driver.  Following delivery, please call or email us within 24hrs to officially report the claim. You can reach out to your relocation coordinator or you can contact the claims department directly.  Our quality care department can be reached at 800.548.8430 or via email at claims@reindeerauto.com.  In order to ensure we are able to adequately review your claim for you, please contact our offices within one business day of delivery to report your claim.

Our goal is to ship your vehicle on time and damage free. Reindeer Logistics is a federally licensed transportation broker, arranging and coordinating auto transport on your behalf with quality, insured car haulers.  Ultimately, the carrier contracted by Reindeer is responsible for any damage caused by their negligent handling of your vehicle, subject to certain limitations.  We will work to resolve any claim equitably and seek recovery against any carrier who may have caused damage.  All licensed car haulers are required by federal law and Reindeer to maintain a minimum level of cargo damage. Reindeer requires all our partner carriers to provide proof of insurance issued by a licensed insurance provider.

In open car shipping, your vehicle is safely secured to a large, two-level vehicle hauler. Several cars may be loaded onto the vehicle hauler at once, allowing for a fast and efficient delivery method. The cars are secure and will not move during transit, however they are exposed to elements like sun, rain, and road debris. Enclosed car shipping utilizes a closed trailer. Your vehicle is secured within the enclosed trailer and hauled to its final destination. Enclosed car shipping is generally more costly, but may be a good option for luxury or non-operational vehicles.

Yes. Reindeer Auto Transport provides both shipping in the United States and international car shipping to the countries on this map. Our relocation services include transportation by air, land, and water. Questions about an international shipment? Contact our team for more information.

We know that for most customers vehicle shipping isn’t something they do every day, so we get a lot of questions about how auto shipping works.  We have worked tirelessly on our processes for years to ensure that this process is as straight forward and predictable for our customers.

Generally the first step is to get a quote.  For this you will need some information like vehicle make, model, and year and of course the origin and destination point for your vehicle move.  Once you have a quote and have decided on a shipping company it should be a fairly hands off experience for you.

If you have chosen to use door to door auto transport the carrier will arrive at your home or business to pick up your car at a pre arranged time and then it will be delivered to your destination in much the same way.  If you have arranged for terminal to terminal vehicle relocation, you will have a time set up to drop off your vehicle at the terminal and a time to pick it up at the destination terminal.  Beyond this your experience should be hands off and best of all, with Reindeer Auto Relocation you can track the location of your car at every point in the move!

For additional questions, please contact us at 800.548.6860 or email our quality assurance department at qa@reindeerauto.com.

If it's got wheels, we move it!

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Over 500,000 vehicles moved in the United States, Canada & worldwide.



When you work with Reindeer Logistics you will never encounter a maze of computer recordings or an automated telephone system. No matter when you call, you will talk with a real, live person who is trained to guide you through the auto relocation process.



All our customers are assigned a relocation coordinator whose main objective is to anticipate and accommodate your every need. Your coordinator will be dedicated to you from pick up to delivery, ensuring that your car is where you want it, when you want it.



Reindeer’s commitment to constant product and service improvement is the ultimate demonstration of our promise of delivery, quality, predictability and status.

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