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COVID-19 Update: Reindeer Auto is following the recommendations of the CDC and monitoring their updates frequently.  We are taking extra precautions to protect our employees, customers and drivers to ensure that all parties remain safe.  Reindeer is open for business with employees working remotely from the safety of their homes and available to assist with any requests you may have!  We hope all of our partners are staying safe and healthy!  We will get through this together!

Reindeer Auto Transport - Reliable Auto Shipping

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Car shipping is a simple process that allows you to easily transfer your vehicle to a new location without having to take the time or expense to drive it. At Reindeer Auto Transport we provide specialty relocation services for cars, mobile homes, golf carts, RVs, trailers, houseboats, motorcycles and more. Our experienced team can arrange custom shipping solutions to meet any of your needs. From open-air hauling to enclosed vehicle containers, we provide a diverse range of options for any timeline and budget. Reindeer Auto Transport accommodates both domestic and international shipping Read more about our Relocation Services or contact our team for a free quote today.

Car Shipping Costs

The first step to determining the cost of car shipping is getting a free quote from our team. We will consider factors including: 

  • Vehicle size, make, and model 
  • Location of the delivery pick up and drop off
  • Earliest pick up date available 
  • Whether or not the car is in operation 
  • Time of year 
  • Preference for open vs. enclosed transportation 

Once we have this information, we can provide a detailed estimate and timeline for the move. Our Car Shipping FAQs Page has detailed information on this process. Need your vehicle shipped fast? Learn about our Guaranteed Transport Time options.

Car Shipping Rates

Vehicle Type & Size: Larger vehicles, RVs, vehicles with roof racks or large tires can be more costly to ship. At Reindeer Auto Transport, we require detailed information about the size and model of the vehicle to ensure that we provide the best rates possible. 


Pick up and Delivery Location: Since we base car shipping rates on distance travelled, we’ll take into account the vehicle pick up and delivery locations. Additional factors like unpaved roads, steep driveways, or unusual site situations can also impact the time and costs of the car shipment. 


Vehicle Condition: If the vehicle is non-operational, our shipping team may need to employ special methods to move it onto the car hauler. A working battery, operational doors and windows, and the ability to drive in forward and reverse can all impact the costs of moving your car. 

Delivery Timeline & Preferences: We understand the need for fast reliable car shipping. We provide Same Day Pick Up as well as Guaranteed Transport Times for those who need it.

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Our Car Shipping Services

Reindeer Auto Transport is proud to have over twenty years of experience in the auto relocation industry. Our commitment to customer service has allowed us to thrive as a business while expanding our services to include highly-customized car shipping options, including: 

In addition to car shipping, we provide relocation for boats, houseboats, RVs, trailers, and more. 

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The Advantages of Car Shipping

Every day we work with hundreds of clients across the country to facilitate fast and efficient car transportation. There are many reasons why car shipping is in high demand. Many of our clients relocate for work, military assignments, or for personal reasons and will require a reliable vehicle to be immediately available upon arrival to their new destination. Other advantages of car shipping include:

  • No need to purchase or finance a new vehicle at your destination
  • Easy domestic or international shipping for car sales 
  • Car shipping for collectible or high-value vehicles 
  • More affordable than the costs of purchasing a new vehicle 
  • More efficient than driving the vehicle to your destination
Preparing Your Vehicle for Car Shipping

Under DOT regulations, your car must not be transported with any personal items inside. The vehicle should have no more than half a tank of fuel when picked up. We recommend removing any toll-road passes from the windshield, as they can activate while in motion. Alarm systems must be disabled, and we recommend the removal of antennas, external racks, covers, and exterior accessories. You can read more about how to prepare your car for shipping on our site, or contact our team for questions about your vehicle.

Car Shipping Insurance & Reliability

At Reindeer Auto Transport, we’ve spent over two decades building relationships with licensed, bonded and insured carriers across the nation. Our dedicated network of car shipping carriers are experienced with moving vehicles of any size or model. All car shipping contractors are required to provide proof of required levels of insurance coverage (a minimum of $1,000,000 liability and $100,000 cargo).

Open vs Enclosed Car Shipping

Depending upon the size and type of your vehicle, you may choose between open or enclosed car shipping. In open car shipping, the vehicle is secured to a 2-level trailer, typically alongside other cars. Open air car shipping allows for better visibility of the vehicle during transportation, is more fuel efficient, and tends to be an affordable option. Enclosed car shipping involves the use of a closed trailer container. The vehicle is secured within the trailer, then hauled to its destination. Enclosed car shipping provides a higher level of security and protection from the elements. However, this option may result in a higher cost than the open shipping.

Operational vs. Non-Operational Vehicles

Car shipping rates may be dependent on whether or not your car is in operation. If you opt for open hauling, the car may need to be turned on, driven in reverse, driven up a ramp, and have working windows and doors. This requires a functioning battery, and the correct amount of fuel to be kept in the vehicle. Check out our Automobile Checklist for more information about the battery, brakes, and operational requirements. In the case that the vehicle is non-operational, alternative car shipping arrangements can be made.

Seasonal Car Relocation

Some of our clients require seasonal car shipping for the winter or summer months when living in an alternative location. If you plan on spending your winter months in Florida, Arizona, or California, we can handle getting your car there! We offer a range of transit times and delivery options to make seasonal car shipping easy and affordable. Read more about our Snowbird Services here or get in touch for a free quote.

Door-to-Door Car Shipping

Our Door-to-Door Car Shipping service is ideal for customers who need a fast and efficient move. In the instance that you cannot be present to accept your vehicle when it arrives, we can make arrangements for alternate delivery plans or storage on an open flatbed. This option is ideal for clients relocating for work or military assignment.

5 Star Car Transportation

Customer Service Guarantee

Since 1997, our team has been recognized as a leader in domestic and international car shipping. This success is due to our outstanding customer service. Our thoughtful, friendly, and detailed-oriented staff works hard to handle the details of every shipment. From coordinating with carriers to providing updates on your relocation, we provide the highest level of care.

Car Shipping FAQs

After twenty years of experience in the industry, there’s no question we can’t answer. From providing a detailed estimate to coordinating an international car shipment, our team is on hand to help. Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions:

In open car shipping, your vehicle is safely secured to a large, two-level vehicle hauler. Several cars may be loaded onto the vehicle hauler at once, allowing for a fast and efficient delivery method. The cars are secure and will not move during transit, however they are exposed to elements like sun, rain, and road debris. Enclosed car shipping utilizes a closed trailer. Your vehicle is secured within the enclosed trailer and hauled to its final destination. Enclosed car shipping is generally more costly, but may be a good option for luxury or non-operational vehicles.

Yes. Reindeer Auto Transport allows all customers to track their car shipment in real time. You can use your order number or email address to track your shipment on our Auto Shipment Locator site.

In order to obtain an estimate for your car shipping costs, we will need the make, model, size, condition, location, and delivery destination of your vehicle. In addition, we’ll need to know your timeline, preferences for enclosed versus open shipping, and the type of location the car will be delivered to. You can start your free estimate here.

Car shipping rates depend on the distance travelled, type of vehicle being transported, condition of the vehicle, and seasonal factors. Since each of our clients have different needs when it comes to car shipping, we have a detailed quoting process to ensure that you receive a clear estimate breakdown.

Yes. Reindeer Auto Transport provides international car shipping to the countries on this map. Our relocation services include transportation by air, land, and water. Questions about an international shipment? Contact our team for more information.

Yes. Reindeer Auto Transport can ship almost any size or type of vehicle, including your motorcycle! In fact, we provide relocation services for: 

  • Boats
  • Mobile Homes
  • Golf Carts
  • Train Cars
  • Houseboats
  • Machinery
  • Military Freight
  • Motorcycles
  • Private Planes
  • Utility Trailers
  • RVs/Campers
  • Animal Trailers

If any damage is observed following transit, note it on the bill of lading at the time of delivery with the driver. Following delivery, please contact us within 24 hours to officially report the claim. You can reach out to your Relocation Coordinator or contact the Claims Department directly. Our Quality Care Department can be reached at 800-548-8430 or via email at In order to ensure we are able to adequately review your claim, please contact our offices within one business day of delivery to report your claim.

Reindeer Auto Transport is a federally licensed transportation broker, arranging and coordinating auto transport on your behalf with quality, insured car haulers. Ultimately, the carrier contracted by Reindeer Auto Transport would be responsible for any damage caused by their handling of your vehicle, subject to certain limitations. Our Customer Service team works closely with each contractor to prevent and resolve any damages that do occur. All licensed car haulers are required by federal law and by Reindeer Auto Transport to maintain a minimum level of cargo damage. We also require all of our partner carriers to provide proof of insurance issued by a licensed insurance provider. All of our auto carriers have acknowledged and agreed to the following:

  • Uphold compliance with all Federal Highway, Safety and DOT regulations
  • Obtain and provide proof of reindeer required levels of insurance coverage: minimum $1,000,000 liability / $100,000 cargo
  • Maintain a professional and polite demeanor with every vehicle owner at all times
  • Provide VIP service to all Reindeer Auto Transport moves
  • Complete and submit as signed inspection form(s) at pick up and delivery
  • Do their absolute best to deliver every load on time—clean and of course, damage free
  • Constant communication/updates via phone, text, email, etc., from pick-up through delivery
Reindeer Auto Reloctation

Why Choose Reindeer Auto Transport?

Our team is focused on providing excellent customer service. Our employees are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your questions are answered. Since relocation can be a stressful process, we assign each project a Relocation Coordinator,

and all clients are given access to our online Auto Locator Tool

For more information on shipping your car, get in touch today.