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We take great pride in having an excellent reputation and relationship with thousands of carriers.

Being the best at relocating anything across the United States, or around the world, only happens with the right team.

We only work with carriers that are committed to the highest level of customer service with every vehicle we move. If you are a licensed, bonded and insured carrier in good standing, and are interested in becoming one of our partners, contact our Carrier Compliance Specialist at 800.548.4020.


Hello and welcome to the Reindeer family!

As the Carrier Compliance Manager at Reindeer Logistics, I am here to ensure that both parties—Reindeer and your company—develop and maintain a successful partnership.

Our commitment to our carriers is to help make your job as easy as we can, provide competitive and attractive rates, and facilitate payments quickly.

Requirements for all Reindeer carriers:

  1. Uphold compliance with all Federal Highway, Safety, and DOT regulations
  2. Obtain and provide proof of Reindeer required levels of insurance coverage:  minimum $1,000,000 Liability / $100,000 Cargo
  3. Maintain a professional and polite demeanor with every vehicle owner at all times
  4. Complete and submit invoices, SIGNED inspection forms, and any other required paperwork in a timely manner (very important as it does affect payment)!
  5. Deliver every load on time, clean, and, of course, damage-free (just as if it were your own)
  6. Constantly communicate/update via phone, text, email, etc. (from pick up through delivery)

We take great pride in having an excellent reputation and relationship with thousands of carriers.  We respect and admire the hard work it takes to do the job well, and we value you as partners.  We know we cannot do it without you!

Moves are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, and we dispatch based on past loads and performance.  We only hire the best, because that is what our customers expect, and what we promise.

I truly look forward to developing a strong, lasting relationship with you and your company.  I am always available for whatever you may need before, during and after every move.

Debbie Boyce, CEO
direct: (317) 299-1751
free: (800) 428-0589
fleet: (888) 202-4917
email: debbie.boyce@reindeerauto.com

Serving the US, Canada
& International locations

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