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Car shipping FAQs

Reindeer makes your vehicle relocation easy!

We can ship anything! Our specialty is transporting personal vehicles domestically and internationally. However, we also ship boats, motorcycles, RVs, etc..

It is best that you schedule your move as far out as possible so that we can better tailor the move to suit your needs. However, if an immediate pick up is necessary, we can arrange for that as well. Just call us!

You can use the quote tool to create your own, give us a call at 800.548.8330, or email us at rates@reindeerauto.com to get a car shipping quote today! Please have available the year, make and model of your vehicle as well as the zip codes or city and state of your pick up and drop off locations so we can better quote the services needed. It’s also helpful for us to know if your vehicle has any after-factory modifications such as a roof rack or oversized tires/lift kits. And we will need to confirm that your vehicle is in full working condition (does it roll, brake and steer).

Each quote is tailored to your transportation needs.

Corporate relocations are invoiced to the appropriate company. For individual relocations, credit card payment is required at least 24 hours prior to pickup. Reindeer will email you a secure link for your online payment.

Some vehicles are much larger than traditional passenger vehicles—most full size SUVs fit into this category.  Due to the extraordinary dimensions, these vehicles take up the amount of space normally used for two vehicles; thus resulting in the need for an “oversize” fee.

With door-to-door transport, you don’t have to go to a terminal to ship or pick up your vehicle. We pick vehicles up at, and deliver to, residences, offices or any other designated place for your convenience (pickup and delivery is subject to accessibility and local laws).

Transportation times vary depending on your origin and destination locations. You will be given a transit window for the shipment upon booking, and you will receive updates multiples times throughout transit to narrow down the delivery time. It is important to remember the drivers are limited by law to a specific number of miles and hours they are allowed to operate their trucks per day. Other variables that may affect transport times include their other pickups and deliveries along the way, severe weather as well as road conditions. We will communicate with you regularly during your move so you are always up to date and aware of any changes in the schedule.

Vehicles are delivered 7 days a week, depending on the carrier or driver schedule (other stops for pick-ups and deliveries). Please keep in mind that since a thorough inspection cannot be completed in the dark, evening deliveries are not permitted.

The driver will contact you via phone call or text, upon arriving in your destination area (at least 1 hour prior to delivery) to ensure you are available to take possession of your vehicle.

We will be happy to discuss your delivery needs to accommodate your schedule as much as possible. Please contact our relocation coordinator directly if you have any conflicts with the estimated delivery window. 

Your assigned relocation coordinator will be communicating the progress of the transit with you throughout the move. Have a question about the status or your ETA? Call or email your relocation coordinator directly, or call our main line at 317-548-6860.

Yes. We do require you, or a point of contact you designate on your behalf, to be present at both pickup and delivery. An exterior vehicle inspection is performed at both pickup and delivery. You, or your point of contact, must be present for that inspection and sign off on the bill of lading at each location. If you are not able to be present for pickup and/or delivery, it is imperative your point of contact is aware of the expectations for the inspection requirements with the driver.

If any damage is observed following transit,  please be sure to note it on the bill of lading at the time of delivery with the driver.  Following delivery, please call or email us within 24hrs to officially report the claim. You can reach out to your relocation coordinator or you can contact the claims department directly.  Our quality care department can be reached at 800.548.8430 or via email at claims@reindeerauto.com.  In order to ensure we are able to adequately review your claim for you, please contact our offices within one business day of delivery to report your claim.

Our goal is to ship your vehicle on time and damage free. Reindeer Logistics is a federally licensed transportation broker, arranging and coordinating auto transport on your behalf with quality, insured car haulers.  Ultimately, the carrier contracted by Reindeer is responsible for any damage caused by their negligent handling of your vehicle, subject to certain limitations.  We will work to resolve any claim equitably and seek recovery against any carrier who may have caused damage.  All licensed car haulers are required by federal law and Reindeer to maintain a minimum level of cargo damage. Reindeer requires all our partner carriers to provide proof of insurance issued by a licensed insurance provider.

For additional questions, please contact us at 800.548.6860 or email our quality assurance department at qa@reindeerauto.com.

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