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COVID-19 Update: Reindeer Auto is following the recommendations of the CDC and monitoring their updates frequently.  We are taking extra precautions to protect our employees, customers and drivers to ensure that all parties remain safe.  Reindeer is open for business with employees working remotely from the safety of their homes and available to assist with any requests you may have!  We hope all of our partners are staying safe and healthy!  We will get through this together!

Getting a Car Shipping Quote

Auto Shipping Calculator

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Need a car moved to campus for a college-bound student or a seasonal relocation while you winter in a warmer climate? Or just need a dependable, reliable relocation expert?  At reindeer, we offer real. personal. service. each and every day and strive to exceed your expectations.

To get started please contact a relocation specialist or call 800-548-8330.

We will need to know the make, model and year of the vehicle(s), the pick-up/drop off addresses and dates of transport. The cost to ship a vehicle varies widely, but we can typically get you a quote within minutes.

We also suggest visiting FAQs to find out more about the relocation process.

Get a Competitive Car Shipping Quote

Car Shipping Service

At Reindeer Auto Transport we have been in the auto transport business since 1997 and have been working hard ever since to earn our reputation as an industry leader in domestic and international car shipping.  Our team of highly trained and experienced car transport experts works direct with our customers to ensure that they get both the service and accurate quote that they are looking for.  Whether you are shipping your car between states domestically or if you need your vehicle shipped Internationally, we offer professional service at a competitive cost to make sure your car is on time and exactly as it was when you left it with us.

Auto Transport Cost 

Of course, as a customer, you want to know exactly what it will cost to ship your car.  Not a problem!  Our easy to use quote tool will allow you to get an accurate car auto transport quote in just three simple steps.  the main drivers of cost are related to the type of vehicle being shipped and whether it is being shipped domestically between states or Internationally between counties.  Depending on the origin of your vehcile and the destination, the options available for car shipping may be different and in turn, the cost may change.  We encourage everyone to use our quotes tool to get a guage on what it may cost and if there are additional questions to reach out to our customer service team to make sure you know exactly what to expect when your vehicle is in transit.

Direct Car Shipping Service

If you are looking for a straightforward experience when moving your vehicle it is important to know exactly how your car will be picked up and delivered.  At Reindeeer Auto Relocation we offer door to door direct car shipping where we come and pick up your vehicle at your home or office and then deliver directly to you at the destination.  Additionally we offer terminal to terminal vehcile relocation where the car can be dropped off at a terminal of choice and then picked up at the destination terminal.  

FAQs about moving a car

Can I have items in my car during shipment?

Unfortunately, we can not allow personal items to be shipped in the car while it is in transport.  This is for a variety of reasons.  One major reason that items can not be stored in the car is the weight of the vehicle.  Although it may seem like a few items in the car would not have a major effect on the weight of a heavy vehicle it can create more issues than you may realize.  One of the major considerations, when using a quote calculator to determine shipping costs for a car is the weight and even a small change in that weight, can affect things like the gas milage of the carrier or even how many cars they can fit on the semi-trailer for shipment. 

Additionally, we want to make sure that your car gets to it’s destination safely and storing items in the car during shipment may encourage theft.  

How is the quote for my car calculated?.

The cost that is generated for our quote calculator is determined by a variety of different factors.  Things like the weight of the vehicle, pickup and dropoff locations, and whether you choose enclosed or open car shipping can all factor into the quotes you receive.  Additionally, things like whether you decide to ship your car direct to your location and whether the destination is International or Domestic can also factor into what the car shipping calculator estimates the shipping cost to be.

What are the different options for moving my car?

Options for Domestic Car Shipping

While there are a variety of different options, if you are shipping your car domestically within the continental United States the most likely decision you will need to make is whether you want to use enclosed vehicle shipping or open car transport.  The main difference between the two options is how exposed the car is to the elements during shipment.  In enclosed car shipping, the vehicle will be mostly removed from elements such as weather and road debris, whereas in the open scenario it is simply placed on an open car trailer. 

The difference in cost between open and enclosed car moving can be significant.  The enclosed options is oftentimes significantly more expensive mostly because the enclosed trailers affect the fuel efficiency of the semi-truck and oftentimes they can not fit as many vehicles on the trailer.  We generally recommend open vehicle transport unless you have a highly customized, high value, or antique car that you are moving.

Options for International Vehicle Relocation

The options available to you for International vehicle relocation will be dependent on your point of origin and destination. Most people that are shipping their car over seas will choose to use a shipping container loaded on a ship to get their car to its end destination, as this is the most cost-effective option by far.  There is also the option of using air freight to get your vehicle overseas, but this can be a very expensive option and is normally only used for very expensive cars or antique cars that are very rare.

Are there states where you will not ship a car?

No.  at Reindeer Auto Relocation we have a shipping network that will allow for use to ship vehicles just about anywhere in the world.  That includes all 50 states in the US (including Hawaii and Alaska)

Quotes for Car Shipping

Open Car Shipping

Open car shipping is by far the most common type of quote that we put together for people looking to ship their car.  The reason that this is the most popular car shipping option is simple, it is the most cost-effective way to get your car to its destination.  This type of car shipping is what most people are familiar with, but there are some options for your car that you may not consider.  Open car shipping is when a semi-trailer or truck is use to pull a car hauling trailer that leaves your vehicle open to the elements while it is in transport.  Risking damage from weather and road debris may plan into your decision on what is best for your car.  While we do everything in our power to ensure your car is delivered exactly in the shape that it was left in, sometimes road debris and weather can be unpredictable and things can happen.  That being said, open carrier car shipping is the most cost-effective option and remains by far the most popular despite the minor risk presented by adverse weather and road debris.

If you choose open car shipping for your vehicle there are a variety of different options available for you.  At Reindeer Auto Relocation we are proud to offer direct shipping for your car.  Meaning that we can pick up your car at your home or business and then deliver it directly to you at your destination.  This option is available with open car shipping.  Additionally, we can offer terminal to terminal moving for your car.  In this scenario, we will pick up your car at your chosen airport terminal and deliver it to a terminal at your destination.  Our customers have liked the convenience of having their car available to them upon their arrival and our open transport direct car shipping is by far the most popular option chosen by our customers who are needing to move their car domestically. 

Enclosed Car Shipping

Another option for your car is to get quotes for enclosed car shipping.  While the enclosed option will keep your car out of the elements and protected from road debris it can be quite expensive when compared to the open car transport option.  The main reason that this type of auto transport is more expensive is due to the increased fuel usage by the enclosed car transport trailers.  Since the enclosed car transport trailers are enclosed it often makes them less aerodynamic and in turn less fuel-efficient than the open car transport option.

Additionally, the enclosed auto transport trailer generally can’t fit the same amount of cars on the trailer.  This is another thing that makes auto transport quotes for enclosed car transport more expensive.  Since less cars are being shipped in the same load the cost of car transport increases.

International Car Shipping

Many of our customers have found themselves trying to figure out Internation car transport options.  While domestic car transport is a bit more straight forward we have assisted customers in moving their car to a large number of international destinations.  If your auto transport need requires the car to be moved over water, using a shipping container for car transport will likely be the most affordable option and it certainly the most common scenario.  In this situation, the car shipping is done by dropping of your vehicle at a port and then using a ship loaded with shipping containers to facilitate the International auto transport.

Another option for International car transport is to use air freight.  This option is much less common simply because it is a much more expensive car shipping option than using shipping containers. 

Try our auto shipping / car shipping calculator here.

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