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Relocating just for a season?

Reindeer Auto Relocation can help you relocate to the sun and sand in a breeze. Let us help you transport your car for the snowy season.  Whether you are headed to Arizona, California, Florida, or anywhere else in the lower 48, we are here to assist you with your car shipment. We can help you move your car down in the fall and then move back north in the spring.

We offer an array of transit times and relocation preferences to help make this transition smooth and easy for you. Do not worry about your car relocation. Instead, get ready to enjoy the sun, surf, bicycle riding, bocce ball, and much more on your snowbird getaway!

Serving the US, Canada
& International locations

Reindeer Auto makes your vehicle relocation easy

Reindeer offers a variety of guaranteed transport times, based on mileage, seasonal demands, and client requirements. Our employees are well-versed in our guaranteed transport times and work hand-in-hand with our customers and our carriers to ensure timely and efficient relocations. Our promise of real. personal. service. is more than just a motto—it is truly our way of doing business.

Reindeer can transport your car on an open car hauler or in an enclosed carrier. The majority of our customers choose to have their vehicle transported on an open long-haul carrier. Most interstate car moves in the industry are handled in this manner. However, if you are relocating an antique or collector car, or if it is a brand-new vehicle, you may want to request a fully enclosed trailer to move your car. We can provide you with a quote for both services and detail the differences between each kind of transport. This will enable you to make the best decision for your car move. Both transport methods are safe and secure ways to relocate your car. We will help you move your vehicle using your requested method.

Same-day pick-up is available when working with Reindeer. We are here to accommodate your needs when your plans change suddenly or when your car will not fit on the moving van as planned. Reindeer offers quick response times and thrives on providing the highest level of service, even during a rush pick-up! 

Relocation can be a stressful process. However, it is our goal to make your auto relocation a stress-free experience. All our customers are assigned a relocation coordinator whose main objective is to anticipate and accommodate your every need. Your coordinator will be dedicated to you from pick-up to delivery, ensuring your car is where you want it, when you want it. Making the process easy for you is our goal!

Reindeer will arrange for door-to-door service, eliminating any extra hassle or inconvenience for you. In the instances where our carrier cannot access a neighborhood or residence to pick up at the door, arrangements will be made in advance to best accommodate you and make it an easy and hassle-free release or delivery of the vehicle. We can assign a local open flatbed truck if necessary to ensure we meet our door-to-door service promise.

Our employees provide a service that is genuine and innovative. They are cross-trained in the various aspects of relocation, ensuring you receive excellent service no matter who answers your call. With 24/7 on-call staff, we are here to serve you.

Simply click on the auto locator on our website home page or download the Reindeer tracker app through the Google Play store or the Apple App Store to track your vehicle’s move. Your assigned relocation coordinator will also be communicating the progress of the transit with you throughout the move. 

Every car shipping company operates in a different way, but each carrier’s liability insurance coverage and timing can vary. When seeking a car shipping quote, be sure to ask these questions early in the process before deciding which company to use—knowing things like when their liability begins and ends could save you trouble in the event your car is damaged during shipment. At reindeer, we take this issue seriously and ensure we are meticulous about our carriers. All carriers hired by reindeer have acknowledged and agreed to the following:

  1. Uphold compliance with all Federal Highway, Safety and DOT regulations.
  2. Obtain and provide proof of reindeer required levels of insurance coverage: minimum $1,000,000 liability / $100,000 cargo
  3. Maintain a professional and polite demeanor with every vehicle owner at all times and provide VIP service to all reindeer moves.
  4. Complete and submit SIGNED inspection form(s) at pick-up and delivery.
  5. Do their absolute best to deliver every load on time—clean and, of course, damage-free (just as if it were their own)!
  6. Constant communication/updates via phone, text, email, etc., from pick-up through delivery.

Corporate relocations are invoiced to the appropriate company. For individual relocations, we accept credit card payments at the time of pick-up.

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