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Florida car shipping

Ship a car to Florida

Let’s talk about some things you should know before your vehicle transport to Florida.

Florida Car Shipping Service

From its beautiful beaches and groves of citrus to its theme parks and nightlife, the sunny state of Florida is a popular repeat destination. Reindeer offers a range of relocation and shipping services to and from Florida, including seasonal snowbird services.

We can help arrange transport for your boat, motorcycle, RV or any other vehicle to Florida in the fall and then back to your home in the spring. Reindeer also offers an array of transit times and relocation preferences so seasonal moving becomes as easy and routine as brushing your teeth!

With every relocation

we provide:

1. Dedicated coordinator

Relocation can be a stressful process. However, it is our goal to make your auto relocation a stress-free experience. All our customers are assigned a relocation coordinator whose main objective is to anticipate and accommodate your every need. Your coordinator will be dedicated to you from pick-up to delivery, ensuring your car is where you want it, when you want it. Making the process easy for you is our goal!

2. Proactive 24/7 communications

Our employees provide a service that is genuine and innovative. They are cross-trained in the various aspects of relocation, ensuring you receive excellent service no matter who answers your call. With 24/7 on-call staff, we are here to serve you.

3. Logistics & freight transportation

Even if you have a vehicle on your hands that seems unlikely – or even impossible – to move, we are confident we can make it work! We classify anything outside of the typical automobile transport as an “FAK” (freight of any kind). This means big, heavy or awkward shaped items such as farm equipment, military freight, trailers and more. Our logistics team has the experience to oversee the evaluation, planning, scheduling and all other details to move rare, and oddly-sized items.

4. Same-day vehicle pick up available

Same day pick up is available when working with Reindeer. We are here to accommodate your needs when your plans change suddenly or when your car will not fit on the moving van as planned. Reindeer offers quick response times and thrives on providing the highest level of service, even during a rush pick up!

5. Door-to-door service

Reindeer will arrange for door-to-door service, eliminating any extra hassle or inconvenience for you. Learn more ->

6. Guaranteed pickup & delivery dates

Reindeer offers a variety of guaranteed transport times, based on mileage, seasonal demands, and client requirements. Our employees are well-versed in our guaranteed transport times and work hand-in-hand with our customers and our carriers to ensure timely and efficient relocations. Our promise of real. personal. service. is more than just a motto—it is truly our way of doing business.

Door-to-door service

In the instances where our carrier cannot access a neighborhood or residence to pick up at the door, arrangements will be made in advance to best accommodate you and make it an easy and hassle-free release or delivery of the vehicle. 

We can assign a local open flatbed truck, if necessary, to ensure we meet our service promise. 

We pick up and deliver to:

Please note: pickup and delivery is subject to accessibility and local laws.

Door-to-Door Car Shipping Service

Things to know about

shipping your car to Florida

1. Choose a port closest to where you’ll be staying

The Sunshine State has several different wonderful destination spots, but it helps the moving process if you choose a pick-up/delivery location in the area you plan to spend the most time.

Some of the most popular Florida ports include:

Florida Car Shipping Ports

2. Don’t forget to prep!

There are several things you’ll be required to do to make sure your vehicle is prepped and ready for transport. But one of the most important things to consider is prepping for Florida weather. It can get very hot in Florida, and the extreme heat can produce unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle. So, you may want to think about an enclosed auto transport to minimize exposure during transport.

3. Consult the preparation checklist(s)

Reindeer has created helpful checklists of other things you’ll need to do to get your auto, motorcycle and/or watercraft ready for its trip. And, as always, call us with any questions.

Open vs. enclosed

vehicle carriers

Open vehicle carriers

Open vehicle carriers are open, long-haul carriers, without sides or a roof, so vehicles are exposed throughout the trip. This is the most common type of car carrier and involves a truck typically between 75 and 80 feet in length with the ability to haul a two-level trailer. Usually, this method is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than enclosed carriers. However, it offers less protection against the elements and is less secure than a fully enclosed trailer.

Enclosed vehicle carriers

If you’re planning to relocate a new, luxury, or collector vehicle you may want to consider this option. A fully enclosed trailer offers better protection from external hazards such as bad weather and poor road conditions providing 360-protection with a roof and four sides. This option is less fuel efficient and more costly than an open carrier. Because it’s fully enclosed, the driver often is unable to do routine visual checks.

If it's got wheels, we move it!

Why choose us

Over 500,000 vehicles moved in the United States, Canada & worldwide.



When you work with Reindeer Logistics you will never encounter a maze of computer recordings or an automated telephone system. No matter when you call, you will talk with a real, live person who is trained to guide you through the auto relocation process.



All our customers are assigned a relocation coordinator whose main objective is to anticipate and accommodate your every need. Your coordinator will be dedicated to you from pick up to delivery, ensuring that your car is where you want it, when you want it.



Reindeer’s commitment to constant product and service improvement is the ultimate demonstration of our promise of delivery, quality, predictability and status.

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