Update: Key Bridge Rebuilding Progress

Key Bridge Response 2024

5.20.24 UPDATE 

Ocean carriers are now taking new booking requests out of the Port of Baltimore. However, the first departure is about a month out.

Since the tragic news of the container ship crashing into Key Bridge in Baltimore, shipments have been greatly affected.

To minimize the impact to our customers, Reindeer continues to closely monitor the situation and any delays in vehicle shipments as a result. Shipments meant for the Baltimore port are being diverted to alternate nearby ports, or other methods of transportation are being used to get the cargo to its final destination.

In the meantime, you can track the progress of the Key Bridge rebuilding through this link: https://www.keybridgeresponse2024.com/

Please be patient as the situation is constantly evolving. Our goal is to keep you updated as we find out more details.

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