Hawaiian auto moves

Shipping to Hawaii

You do not need any vehicle documents to ship to Hawaii! Instead, it is important to ensure the vehicle is ready for the port. Listed below are some of the vehicle requirements.

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The vehicle’s glass surfaces cannot have any chips or cracks in them.

Your vehicle’s fuel tank must be at ¼ tank or less.

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The inside and outside of your vehicle must be clean upon release.

For electric vehicles, the battery must be charged between 45% and 65% when you release it into our care.

Shipping from Hawaii

The documents below are required when shipping a vehicle from Hawaii.

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A copy of the front and back of your vehicle’s title.*

A copy of the current registration without a lienholder listed. Expired registrations will not be accepted.

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An active insurance policy certificate. Inactive dates will not be accepted.

A completed power of attorney (POA), supplied by Reindeer. The POA allows us to transport your vehicle to the port on your behalf.**

*If you do not hold clear title, please send a copy of an authorization letter from your financial institution permitting Reindeer to transport your vehicle. The dates on the letter must be valid for this shipment. Old or outdated letters will not be accepted.


**If there is more than one person listed on the title/registration, both names must appear on the POA exactly as they appear on the title/registration. The POA must be notarized, with the original presented to the driver at the time of pick up, and a copy (showing the notary seal) sent to Reindeer.

Don't take our word for it

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Your vehicle’s fuel tank must be at ¼ tank or less.

Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle prior to transport. This includes any snow tires.

The only documents you’ll need are the vehicle’s registration or title and photo ID.

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You will need to know the current market value of your vehicle for insurance purposes.

Reindeer picks up Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 8 am and 3 pm.

When your vehicle arrives at the port, it can take several days to offload depending on where it is on the vessel. Once it is available, our driver will transport it to your destination.

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