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Can I Store Items in my Car While it is Being Shipped?

Can I store Items in my Car While it is Being Shipped?

One of the most common questions we get as a car shipping company, is whether or not our customers can fill their vehicle with items in the car while it is being shipped.  The unfortunate answer to this question is no, nothing can be store in the car during shipment.  While moving companies that ship the items from your home carry insurance or sell policies that protect your personal items during shipping, auto relocation companies and their transporters do not.  Without this insurance we can not allow our customers to keep personal items in the car during shipment.

Additionally, we can not allow personal items in the car during shipment for safety reasons.  Our carriers need to be able to safely move the vehicle on and off of the vehicle transport trailers.  When there are personal items in the car it makes this task more difficult and potentially more dangerous for the person that is moving the car on and off of the trailer.

Another reason that we can not allow personal items in the car during shipping, is weight.  While a few personal items in the car may not seem like a lot of additional weight, if all customers were adding personal items to their vehicles that weight can certainly add up.  Not only does the additional weight make the transport vehicle less fuel efficient, it also can create dangerous situations.  The United States Department of Transportation, has very strict rules surrounding the amount of weight that a carrier can haul.  This is why when we put together your car shipping quote we need to know the exact model and year, so we have a good estimate of the weight.  An overweight semi-truck can create a dangerous situation for everyone on the road and we at Reindeer Auto Transport, take safety very seriously, therefore this is another and important reason that we can not allow personal items in the vehicle during shipment.

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If you have questions about what can and can not be in your vehicle during shipment, feel free to visit our vehicle shipping FAQ page or contact us directly to ensure you are set up for success with your upcoming move.  

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