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Reindeer Premier Solutions

Reindeer Premier Solutions (RPS) is strategically designed to elevate the customer experience beyond conventional transportation services. Whether you have one vehicle or 5,000, we aim to be the ultimate end-to-end partner for each client's unique needs.


Vehicles moved
in the U.S. & Canada

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1,000s of customers

Since 1997

Moving vehicles
around the world

Safe and secure vehicle storage

Whether you need temporary or long-term storage solutions for your vehicle inventory needs, Reindeer has the storage network to get it done. We have a flagship storage Megahub in Nashville, TN that can store up to 1,000 gas and EVs as well as various local facilities throughout the United States. From the moment your vehicle is in our possession until the day you deliver it back to a customer, Reindeer ensures the safety and condition of your vehicles.

Secure Car Storage

In-storage services

Our in-storage services let Reindeer handle the ‘extras’ that go along with owning a vehicle, so you don’t have to. Utilizing a nationwide repair shop network, Reindeer can facilitate any repair and manage your maintenance schedules to make sure your vehicles are in top condition upon delivery to your customers. Let us also take on the burden of such tasks as:

Customized client solutions

RPS is designed to provide clients with a tailor-made approach to fit their business needs. Clients can choose from an a la carte menu of options or partner with reindeer to design an exciting new platform for your business.

Title & registration

Reindeer handles your title and registration needs across all 50 states. We have established relationships with both state and local offices to get your service done quickly! These services include:

360° vehicle solutions

Electric vehicle charging solutions & management

The future is electric. And Reindeer is poised to help with your electric vehicle (EV) management in a safe and secure manner. Through RPS, we make EV logistics easy by moving, storing and charging your EVs so they’re ready when you need them.

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