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Shipping Your Car vs Driving Your Car When Moving

Before moving there are countless considerations and one of those that many think about is whether to drive their car or use a car shipping company.  While there are advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios there are some significant advantages when you use a car shipping service.

Pros of Driving Your Car When Moving

When you are in the process of moving, there can be many advantages of driving your car rather than shipping it.  Oftentimes driving is the best option for those on a tight budget or that need their car immediately upon arrival.

Cost – driving your car will almost certainly be cheaper than shipping your car.

Convenience – many like the idea of driving their car simply because of the convenience of not having to arrange a pick up at a later time with a shipping company and also because they will have their automobile in their possession immediately upon arrival of their new destination.

Cons of Driving Your Car When Moving

Moving can be stressful and driving your car cross country may sound like a fun idea, but it can add significant stress to your move.  Outside of the additional wear and tear on your vehicle there can be other reasons that shipping your car is a better option than driving your car when moving.

Wear and Tear – While driving your car may initially be the most cost effective option available, it can cause additional and unwanted wear and tear to your vehicle.

Weather – Depending on your route, weather can be a large factor that can disrupt your move and potentially put you into unnecessary dangerous situations.

Unforseen Inconveniences –  While any form of travel can create situations that we could not have predicted, driving long distances can be especially unpredictable.  Things like, flat tires, car trouble, traffic, or even accidents can create a trip that takes much longer than initially anticipated.

Pros of Shipping Your Car When Moving

If you have decided that you may look into car shipping there can be many advantages that will make your move and travel more convenient.  Here are some of the advantages of shipping your car.

car shipping


While it may seem convenient to keep your car in you possession for the duration of your move, car shipping, can also make your move easier.  Rather than driving your car cross country you can let the car shipping company take care of getting your automobile from point to point and take a flight or faster mode of transportation to your new destination.

Logistics Transportation

Wear and Tear

Driving long distances can have a adverse effect on the condition of your vehicle.  Road conditions can be unpredictable and shipping your car rather than driving it can significantly reduce the wear and tear on your car, while also keep the mileage down and in turn keeping it’s value up.

Cons of Shipping Your Car When Moving

While there are numerous advantages of shipping your car rather than driving it there are some disadvantages as well.  Often time for the individual moving on a budget car shipping may not be the best choice.  Additionally if you need your car immediately when you arrive driving could be a better alternative.


While car shipping has a lot of advantages it is highly likely that driving your car will be the cheaper option.  You must consider the gas milage, wear and tear, and any lodging that may be needed during your trip, and then calculate the cost of your trip.  Often times this calculation will reveal that car shipping may be a bit more expensive though more convenient.

Same Day Delivery

Car Availability

Many people decide to drive their car simply because they need it immediately when they arrive at their new location.  While arrangements can be made with your car shipping company, it may not be possible to have your car ready and available immediately upon arrival.

car shipping preparation
Reindeer Auto Reloctation

Why Choose Reindeer Auto Transport?

When looking into options for your move, car shipping can be a great way to make your trip less stressful and keep the wear and tear to a minimum on your vehicle.  Often times, car shipping is less expensive than people think, so if you are contemplating this as an option for your move.

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