Do I need insurance when shipping a car

If you are considering shipping your car for your next move you may be wondering whether or not you need to carry auto insurance during the time of shipment.  The short awsner is yes, you will still want to have a personal auto policy while the car is being shipped.  While insurance can be a complicated topic, the general idea is that while the vehicle is being shipped it falls under the liability of the carrier.  That being known, there are disputes from time to time on when and where damage occurred.  To be sure you are best situated for your move having your own policy in place ahead of time will help to ensure that your vehicle is covered at all steps along the way.  We have outlined some of the differences and considerations for both the carriers insurance and the individual policy below.

Car Shipping Company - Insurance Provided By The Shipping Company

Every car shipping company operates in a different way.  That being said, every car shipping company will carry some sort of liability type insurance, but that coverage and timing can vary from company to company.  When you are seeking a car shipping quote, be sure to ask these questions early in the process before deciding which company you will use.  Having knowledge of things like when their liability begins and ends could save you trouble in the unexpected situation where a car is damaged during shipment.

At Reindeer Auto Relocation we take this issue seriously and ensure that we are meticulous about our carriers.

All carriers hired by Reindeer Auto Relocation have acknowledged and agree to the following:

  • Uphold compliance with all Federal Highway, Safety and DOT regulations.
  • Obtain and provide proof of reindeer required levels of insurance coverage:  minimum $1,000,000 liability / $100,000 cargo
  • Maintain a professional and polite demeanor with every vehicle owner at all times, and provide VIP service to all Reindeer  moves.
  • Complete and submit SIGNED inspection form(s) at pick up and delivery.
  • Do their absolute best to deliver every load on time—clean and of course, damage free (just as if it was their own)!
  • Constant communication/updates via phone, text, email, etc., from pick-up through delivery.

Individual Auto Insurance for Car Shipping

Regardless of which company you choose for car shipping, we highly recommend reaching out to your auto insurance provider ahead of your move.  Every insurance company and policy is different about what they will and will not cover.  It will be important to talk to your chosen auto insurance company ahead of time in case something were to happen in which their was a dispute about who was a fault for the damage.  If the carrier’s insurance deems that the carrier was not a fault it will be important that you have personal coverage in place.  While this is of course an unexpected occurrence, we always encourage you to cover all your bases to ensure that your vehicle is best protected during shipment.

car shipping preparation

Do You Need Insurance While Your Car Is Being Shipped?

The short answer here is yes it is best to have a personal policy in place while your car is being shipped.  Of course we don’t anticipate that you would have any issues with your car shipping experience, but the road can be unpredictable and your car is likely one of the most expensive items you own.  It is best to be sure it is covered for any damage that may occur. 

Reindeer Auto Reloctation

For more information about car shipping best practices when shipping a car across state lines, visit our auto relocation FAQ page or when in doubt, contact us to be sure you are able to accomplish your move without any surprises.

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